California State Park Rangers Association

CSPRA Honorary Ranger Award

Program Policy and Nomination Form

Honorary Ranger Award Program Policy

as adopted by the CSPRA Board on October 8, 2015


No more than one recipient may receive the award annually.


The award is bestowed on an individual who has provided extraordinary service supporting the goals of the California State Park Rangers Association, California State Parks and/or the Ranger profession, on a regional, statewide, or national level. Recipient selection must recognize significant service that spans years or includes multiple achievements in direct support of CSPRA’s mission.


The Committee shall provide the membership with clear and easily accessible information on the annual Awards nomination process, forms, criteria, timeline, and contact information, to assist potential member nominators. This member communication may be carried out though an e-mail notice on CSPRAnet, an announcement on the CSPRA website and/or an article in the “Wave” Newsletter.


CSPRA’s Honorary California State Park Ranger recognition should be a true honor, and does not necessarily have to be awarded every year. CSPRA must be extremely discerning in awarding its highest honor.


Award Components


The CSPRA Honorary California State Park Ranger recipient should normally receive a Stetson-style, flat-brimmed, Ranger hat, official hatband, hat rack / plaque, paid round-trip transportation to the annual meeting for the recipient only, paid hotel for one night, two free tickets to the annual banquet, and lifetime membership in CSPRA.


Selection Committee Procedure


• CSPRA’s Recognition and Award Program shall be implemented by an Awards Committee,

with the Chairperson appointed by the President, in consultation with the CSPRA Board.

• The Awards Committee Chair reports to and serves at the pleasure of the President.

• The Awards Committee Chair serves a term beginning upon appointment, and ending

at the Annual Membership Meeting, and may be re-appointed.

• A minimum of two CSPRA members shall compose the Award Program Committee,

including the Chair, with additional Committee members as approved by the Board.


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