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CSPRA is the only park organization for every State Park Professional. You should seriously consider supporting CSPRA with your membership, dues, and time.


For over 50 years, CSPRA has been an organization of State Park professionals dedicated to advancement of the highest principles of public service, established to support and preserve California State Parks for present and future generations. CSPRA truly cares first about protecting and preserving the values of California's State Park System.


CSPRA promotes professional training through scholarships available to members. CSPRA understands and supports training as a means of sharpening ones knowledge and abilities. We encourage and provide a medium of exchange of professional thought and networking through discussions on our secure member list servers, and provide relevant information in our quarterly Newsletter.


CSPRA is a contributor in supporting the Director's Annual Award program, and recognizing outstanding individual performance in every peace officer academy.


CSPRA continues to be committed to tracking legislation affecting our parks. We fight for what is best for parks and frequently take action to stop or divert threats to park resources, integrity and mission.


How to Join CSPRA?


Simply send us a membership application today.  DETAILS HERE.


CSPRA is governed by a responsible and responsive Board of Directors, elected annually by the voting membership. Active Membership (voting) is available to all current or retired, permanent or permanent intermittent, and seasonal employees of California State Parks and lifetime Benefactor members, as well as Supporting, Student, and Organization (non-voting) membership.



NOTE: The state may reimburse $50 to $100 annually for CSPRA Active Member dues as a professional benefit. More information on DUES REIMBURSEMENT.


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