California State Park Rangers Association

Director, Kim Preston

(530) 589-0250

Ranger/Admin Chief, Retired

Director, Ann Meneguzzi

(209) 373-9844

Supv Ranger, Retired

Director, Liz Steller

(209) 536-5932

Dist Srvcs Mgr, Valley District

Director, Miles Standish

(831) 466-9789

Ranger, Retired

John Jennings, Sinkyone

Director, Frank Padilla, Jr.

(805) 660-0245

Ranger/Supt, Retired

Director, Carl Chavez

(530) 836-0848

Ranger/Div Chief, Retired

Director, Vacant

Past President, Victor Bjelajac

(415) 388-2719

Dist Supt, No. Coast Redwoods

CSPRA Committees, Representatives, Liaisons & Staff for 2017

Honorary California State Park Ranger Selection Committee

Carl Chavez, 2017/18 Chairman


Social Media Team

Steve Ptomey, Coordinator


Park Advocacy & Legislative Liaison

California State Parks Foundation

State Park Action Network (SPAN)

Liz Steller, Coordinator & Liaison


Member Recruitment Committee

Vacant, Active Member Coordinator

Carl Chavez & Kim Preston, Retired Member Coordinators


Park Threats Committee

Jeff Price, Chairman


Professional Training & Scholarship Committee

Ben Fenkell, Chairman


PRAC Board Liaison & Valor Award Committee

Sue Neary, Liaison


Association of National Park Rangers

Jeff Ohlfs, & Frank Padilla, CSPRA Liaisons


International Ranger Federation

Mike Lynch, Representative



Carolyn Schimandle, Chair


Non-Profit Ranger Foundation

Development Team

Mike Lynch, Miles Standish & Tom Bernardo


World Ranger Day Planning Committee

Mike Lynch, Ann Meneguzzi, Miles Standish & Sue Neary


2017 Annual GEC and CSPRA Membership Meeting

Ft. Tejon SHP / Hungry Valley SVRA

Mike Lynch, Chair


2018 Annual GEC and CSPRA Membership Meeting

Lee Vining / Bodie

Mike Lynch, Chair, Janet Carle, Brad Sturdivant, Ann Meneguzzi, Dave Carle & Terri Geissinger


Federation of Outdoor Clubs

Ann Meneguzzi, Representative


Mike Lynch, Acting Executive Manager

PO Box 3212, Bowman CA 95604-32122


CSPRA Corporate Office

Agent for Service of Process

Tom Bernardo, Treasurer

Nonprofit 501(c)5, Corporation # C0527226





CSPRA Wave Newsletter

Brian Cahill, Editor

5028 Big Canyon Lane, Fair Oaks CA 95628

(916) 605-6634


Business Office, Membership Services and Accounting

Betsy Anderson, Office Manager

Anderson Financial Services

Office: 707-884-3949

P.O. Box 618, Gualala, CA 95445-0618


CSPRA Internet Communications

Website, CSPRAnet, GrayBears, Electronic Surveys,

Polls & Elections

Jeff Price, Webmaster

(805) 278-9201