California State Park Rangers Association

John Jennings, Sinkyone

President's Message

3rd Quarter 2017

Hello Everyone,


I’m happy to report that CSPRA has been active in many areas, including the following:


Parks Threats at Jack London and Sugarloaf Ridge.  CSPRA is continuing to monitor for the results of the department’s corrective letters to the operators of these two parks.  In the near future, Jeff Price, chair of the Threats Committee, will be completing a report on the two year+ effort by CSPRA in this area.


2017 Annual Meeting and Retiree’s Rendezvous at Fort Tejon is shaping up nicely with a lot of great optional outings.  See the CSPRA website for up-to-date info at


Ranger Foundation.  As directed by the members at the last annual meeting in Morro Bay, a non-profit charitable Ranger Foundation has been established with the Secretary of State’s Office.  We are now working on the IRS designation for tax purposes.


Affiliation with the Association of National Park Rangers (ANPR).  The affiliation with ANPR has been approved by both groups and the details of the affiliation are being worked out.


Professional Development Grant Program.  CSPRA is developing a professional development grant program to supply small grants for professional activities not covered under the current Training Scholarship Program.


Restoring CSP’s First Fire Truck.  The Board of Directors approved a motion to make the restoration of the fire truck an official CSPRA project, approved some initial funding, for the project and established a Friends of California State Parks First Fire Truck Committee of Jim Davis, Frank Padilla, Mike Whitehead and Mike Lynch.


Advocacy Efforts.  CSPRA has supported the Clean Water and Parks Bond bill and the renewal of the OHV program.  CSPRA members also participated in the annual Park Advocacy Day sponsored by the California State Parks Foundation.


And More!  See this newsletter and the website for all the latest!



Please feel free to write me with your comments and opinions. Mike


President M.G. Lynch