California State Park Rangers Association

As the former California State Park Anniversary Committee (CSPAC) website was winding down in 2017, the CSPRA Board voted to incorporate historic images and documents* from that website so they would not be lost.


The new site is being migrated to this platform and under construction as of Spring 2018.

* Outline of Topics in the Future Archive Menu


Galen Clark History

State Parks Commission History

Early Yosemite Guardians

State Park Directors & Division Chiefs 1927 to 2018

Women in State Parks

Park Insignia, Badges & Patches

History of the Park K-9 Program

Past State Park Superintendents

Park Uniform & Stetson History

Medal of Valor Park Recipients



Yosemite State Park Guardian Galen Clark on horse patrol. Yosemite Falls in background, 1891.


from MG Lynch Collection)