Member Benefit ~ $50 to $100 Dues Reimbursement

Fremont Peak SP, Rodi Lee
*** Professional Dues Reimbursement Benefit ***

If you are a Represented Employee in Bargaining Unit 1, 4, 9, 10, 11, 14 or 15, or a Supervisor, Exempt employee, or Manager, the state may pay from $50 to $100 a year for your CSPRA dues.  

Select "non-travel business expense" on your CalAters claim to be reimbursed for your annual professional organization membership dues and send in a receipt.  We understand, but have not verified, that claims for dues may be filed for the prior FY every July, and only one year before that.  If your unit is on the list below, have not already asked, and want a PDF dues receipt e-mailed to you every July, please drop a note with “dues” in subject line to:
Membership Services .


Schedule of allowable reimbursements per year for professional dues in CSPRA.

Bargaining Unit Member s

BU 1   (Admin, Financial & Staff Services)  $50
BU 4   (Office Workers)  $50
BU 9   (Professional Engineers) $100 
BU 10 (Scientific, Environmental Scientists, Archeologists) $100
BU 11 (Engineering & Scientific Technicians) $100
BU 14 (Graphic Designers)   $50
BU 15 (Museum Custodian)  $50

Supervisors, Managers, or Excluded Employees

Supervisor,  $100
Manager,     $100
Excluded $100