To join CSPRA, complete the PDF FORM to the left, fill in information required, select a membership type, and then either:

e-mail PDF to
CSPRA Membership


print and mail completed membership form to:

CSPRA Membership Services
P.O. Box 618
Gualala, CA 95445-0618

For all except "Active" and "Active Retired" membership on payroll deduction, please include a check for one year's dues.

Membership Types
Active $10.00 per month, payroll deduction
Active Retired $5 per month
, payroll deduction
Supporting $ 60.00 per year
Professional Development $ 36.00 per year
Organization $ 120.00 per year
Benefactor $ 1,000.00 lifetime

Professional Benefit:
If you are a Represented Employee of Bargaining Unit 1, 4, 9, 10, 11, 14 or 15, or a Supervisor or Manager, the state may pay from $50 to $100 a year for your CSPRA dues as a benefit. Check the box on the Application requesting an annual dues receipt, and select "non-travel business expense" on CalAters to be reimbursed for your annual professional organization membership dues. You may request a dues receipt directly, and have that sent to you every July, by sending a request to Membership Services .

For reimbursable amounts allowed - SEE LIST HERE
CSPRA Membership Application

Fillable PDF
Application form HERE

Complete, save and then e-mail the form to
CSPRA Membership

Mendocino Headlands, John Hart
Otherwise, copy text below, complete and e-mail.

I hereby authorize the State Controller (or CalPERS for retirees) to deduct from my payroll warrant and transmit as designated an amount for membership dues in the California State Park Rangers Association. This authorization will remain in effect until canceled by myself or by the organization.
I certify I am requesting to become a member of CSPRA.


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Monthly Membership Type:
Active * Retired * Supporting * Professional Dev * Organization * Benefactor

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Current or Last Job Classification

Social Security Number (required for Active and Retired membership)

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_____ I do not have e-mail, send printed "Wave" Newsletter via postal mail

_____ Send an annual receipt for supervisory dues

Your name may be printed in our Newsletter as a new member, and your e-mail may be added to CSPRAnet member communication forum.