CSPRA Honorary California State Park Ranger -2008
Henry F. Trione

CSPRA is proud to name Henry F. Trione as its selection to receive the highest honor the Association can bestow, the Honorary California State Park Ranger award.

Mr. Trione became interested in the preservation of California State Parks through Joe Long (Longs Drugs) as founding members of the California State Parks Foundation. They both shared a love of the outdoors, and had a particular interest in the preservation of open space and wetlands. Henry’s commitment to parks is demonstrated by his support to both fund and obtain funding for projects and programs.

Henry was born in Humboldt County, the son of an Italian immigrant baker. He started a mortgage company in Sonoma County after World War II, building an enterprise that took him into success with the banking industry, as well as timber and wine making.

One of the more spectacular results of Henry’s efforts was the creation of Annabel State Park in Sonoma County. Henry and his friend, Joe Long, put together a consortium of private and state foundation funds to acquire land for Annabel State Park. Later, Henry, with the Sonoma County Trail Blazers, provided a 3.1-mile wooded trail in Annabel State Park which was dedicated to the founder of the equestrian group, Warren Richardson. Henry continues to support Annabel in his recent contribution to the Annabel Visitor Center project.

He worked as a Chairman for the State Parks Foundation, to provide a visitor center at Fort Ross State Historic Park. He has helped financially to acquire land, save historical sites and build interpretive centers throughout the State. His involvement included the Old Bale Grist Mill restoration, Stagecoach Hill azalea preserve, Hermann Mansion, Coming Home to California educational program, restoration of Jack London’s cottage, Colorado House at Old Town San Diego, and support of the Youth Conservation Corps. His work and dedication was recognized by former President Ronald Reagan when he praised Henry for his excellent work as a citizen concerned with community reinvestment.

A large part of our park success is due to Henry’s leadership, enthusiasm and support. He is a dedicated person who believes strongly in the private sector and government jointly contributing to the quality of life.