Honorary California State Park Ranger Award

Recipients of CSPRA's Award
Harry Blaisdell, Sr. 1965
Walt Disney 1965
Newton B. Drury 1965
Verna Dunshee 1965
Percy French 1965
Joseph R. Knowland 1965
Everett Powell 1965
Joseph C. Houghteling 1966
Laurance S. Rockefeller 1966
Phil Geiger 1968
William Goodall 1968
Harriett "Petey" Weaver 1971
Pearl Chase 1972
Earl P. Hanson 1972
Edward F. Dolder 1973
Claude A. "Tony" Look 1973
Josephine Read 1974
Helen "Harriet" Allen 1978
Bertram "Bert" Dunshee 1978
Ansel Adams
Helen "Harriet" Allen
William Alsup
Sally Altick
Victoria Araujo
Dr. Harold Biswell
Harry Blaisdell, Sr.
David Brower
Douglas R. Bryce
George Cardinet, Jr.
Pearl Chase
Verl Clausen
Don Cooley
Diane Porter Cooley

Dr. Jarrell Jackman
Huell Howser
Joseph C. Houghteling
Fred Keeley
Howard King
Joe Knowland
Andrea Mead Lawrence
Claude A. "Tony" Look
L.W. "Bill" Lane
Michael Mantell
Doug McConnell
William Penn Mott, Jr.
Margaret Owings
Roscoe Poland
Wilma Poland

Alphabetical listing of Recipients - since inception of the award in 1965
Most recent in BOLD. Some years had multiple awards, some had no recipient.
Harry M. Daniel
John B. DeWitt
Walt Disney
Edward F. Dolder
Newton B. Drury
Bertram "Bert" Dunshee
Verna Dunshee
Joseph H. Engbeck, Jr.
Clint Eastwood
Phil Frank
Percy French
Phil Geiger
William Goodall
Earl P. Hanson
Caryl Hart
William Penn Mott, Jr. 1979
Howard King 1980
Vern Whitaker 1981
James Whitehead 1981
Ansel Adams 1984
Joe & Catherine Stone 1984
Dr. Harold Biswell 1985
John B. DeWitt 1985
Roscoe Poland 1986
Wilma Poland 1986
Sally Altick 1987
Victoria Araujo 1988
Harry M. Daniel 1988
Phil Frank 1990
David Brower 1991
William Alsup 1993
Roma Philbrook Rentz 1996
L.W. "Bill" Lane 1997
Margaret Owings 1998
Les Strnad 1998
Andrea Mead Lawrence 1999
Verl Clausen 2000
Doug McConnell 2001
Claire Schlotterbeck 2002
Susan Smartt 2003
Huell Howser 2004
George Cardinet, Jr. 2005
Caryl Hart 2007
Henry F. Trione 2008
Dr. Helen Henry Smith 2009
Fred Keeley 2010
Don & Diane Porter Cooley 2011
Bobby Shriver 2012
Clint Eastwood 2013
Douglas R. Bryce 2015
Donna Pozzi 2015
Michael Mantell 2015
Dr. Jarrell Jackman 2016
Joseph H. Engbeck, Jr. 2017
Everett Powell
Donna Pozzi
Josephine P. Read
Roma Philbrook Rentz
Laurance S. Rockefeller
Claire Schlotterbeck
Bobby Shriver
Susan Smartt
Dr. Helen Henry Smith
Catherine Stone
Joe Stone
Les Strnad
Henry F. Trione
Harriett "Petey" Weaverr
Vern Whitaker
James Whitehead
Recipients listed by year awarded
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