CSPRA Honorary California State Park Ranger - 1965
Walt Disney

Walt Disney was made an Honorary State Park Ranger primarily because of his efforts in getting the 1964 State Park and Recreation Bond Act passed by voters.

Walt Disney not only endorsed the '64 bond act, he also agreed to be on the executive board of Californians for Beaches and Parks.

His film studio produced a 14-minute color movie, "The Golden Opportunity," that played a central role in the campaign. Walt Disney was instrumental in helping to establish new funding for the magnificent park system we have today in California, and has made an outstanding contribution to conservation and the state park system. Mr. Disney told the group at Asilomar that there would also be, "an indirect conservation message," in his new film "The Gnomemobile," starring Walter Brennan.

Mr. Disney's daughter, Dianne, reported that her father proudly displayed the Honorary Ranger plaque on his office wall at Disney Studios, and was quite proud of the unique honor.
CSPRA President Paul Griffith greets Honorary Ranger
Walt Disney at Asilomar Conference Grounds in 1965
Asilomar manager, Roma Philbrook
with Walt Disney, Oxtober 1965
Signed letter from Walt Disney, accepting the Honorary
California State Park Ranger award,
and corresponding telegram reply from
CSPRA Executive Secretary, Phil Geiger.
At right: CSPRA Executive Secretary, Phil Geiger, CSPRA Vice-President Al Salzgeber, CSPRA President Paul Griffith and "Ranger" Walt Disney being intervied by a reporter. Asilomar GEG, October 11, 1965