CSPRA Honorary California State Park Ranger - 2005
George H. Cardinet, Jr.

For your passionate lifetime dedication to park preservation and public trail development for over 70 years

CSPRA's Board of Directors selected George H. Cardinet, Jr. for the 2005 Honorary California State Park Ranger award.

George Cardinet has dedicated his life to the preservation of parks, open space and riding/ hiking trails. George is personally responsible for creating thousands of miles of trails nationally, state wide and locally.
George's passion for preserving open space and trails started in 1934 when he purchased a 600 acre ranch in Concord at the foot of Mt. Diablo. All of the single track trails on the east side of mountain in what is now Mt. Diablo State Park were built by George and his friends, one of which bears his name. There are over 200 miles of trails throughout the East Bay and Mt. Diablo State Park that George help build.

George is often referred to as the Father of the California Trails system. His dedication to community involvement and political action on behalf of trails and open space began in 1941. "Get involved or risk losing what you enjoy" says George. His community activism has garnered new generations of trail supporters and expanded the influence of the trail community on decision making for open space protection and trail opportunities for future generations.

The people of California can thank George for his vision, hard work and dedication to the open space and trails that they enjoy today. He was a pioneer in realizing that protecting and preserving open space and trails locally, in urban areas was just as important as it is in wilderness areas.