Douglas R. Bryce
CSPRA Honorary California State Park Ranger 2015

Doug is a Charter Member of CSPRA and was first involved as an elected District Delegate to the annual General Executive Council. Following that, in 1968 he was selected by the board as Executive Manager and served CSPRA in that capacity for almost 35 years. He provided invaluable service as a resource person for our membership. As CSPRA's Executive Manager, Doug fulfilled officer, board and member needs with efficiency and enthusiasm from 1968 to 2002.

When asked to describe the role and attributes of a worthy Executive Manager, Doug said he always believed a good Executive Manager provides organizational conscience, memory, and stability. To do this they must attend all board meetings and conferences, be intimately knowledgeable about the purpose and goals of the organization, understand election processes, the Constitution and Bylaws, and be thoroughly aware of IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Secretary of State, and Attorney General's Office of Charitable Trusts organizational reporting requirements.

Doug's tireless support for over three decades involved editing and printing every publication produced by our organization, including CSPRA's regular member newsletter and professional journal. He coordinated our initial Internet presence, processed membership, coordinated GEC site selection and preparation, annual meeting program detail arrangements, maintaining and executing an association calendar, and helped the board manage all its internal and external activities.

Doug served as a mentor to incoming officers, especially newly elected Presidents, to whom he offered valuable historic knowledge and advice.

He coordinated the first team that reorganized and amended CSPRA's original Constitution and Bylaws, restructuring elections and eliminating sexist terms, as the organization began to have female members. He first suggested the concept of sponsoring a Retirees Rendezvous to the Board.

He securely controlled CSPRA ballot mailings and elections, set up meeting space and meals for the board, scouted potential locations and venues for the Annual GEC, provided regular financial oversight, processing all fiscal, state and federal tax paperwork, coordinating special funds and donations, managing our annual Budget and required reporting, and kept the organization on schedule in accordance with government and CSPRA guidelines.

In our opinion, speaking as past officers who worked closely with him during our terms of office, Doug fulfilled every requirement for CSPRA, and much, much more!

Before and while Doug was busy helping CSPRA get established, he was also working full time in many places around the state and being rewarded with a series of regular advancements.
Doug started in 1955 working as Seasonal Park Attendant at Cuyamaca Rancho SP. He then worked as a Park Aide, Park Attendant full time at Silver Strand SB, then to Ranger I at Bolsa Chica SB, and then to El Capitan SB. He says of that particular assignment, “El Capitan was the nicest place we ever lived during my time with State Parks. We had a practically new house with an ocean view from every room.”

He then promoted to Ranger II at Calaveras Big Trees SP, and continued promotions to Ranger III at Marshall Gold SHP in 1965, to Ranger IV and Area Manager at Anza Borrego in 1968, Assistant District Superintendent in Eureka, and finally in 1972 as Manager of the statewide Audio-Visual Section at Headquarters. Doug retired from that position in 1988 after 33 years with State Parks.
Doug's excellent reputation working with CSPRA led to organizational management offers with the Park Rangers Association of California, where he served 22 years as Executive Manager and is an Honorary Lifetime Member, and the Western Interpreters Association where he served 8 years. He also worked to support many other park and environmental organizations such as The Society of California Archaeologists, California Parks and Conservation Association, the Cal Ranger Foundation, The Society of California Archivists, and The California Trails Conference. Doug was an active member in The California Society of Association Executives, and affiliated with their National Society.

If asked, Doug will tell you he was not driven to serve the corporation itself, but rather his years of effort were made on behalf of the many member professionals of CSPRA. Doug readily provided ongoing continuity, corporate knowledge, an organizational memory and literally a conscience for CSPRA for more than three decades.

Doug Bryce contributed immensely to what we all now enjoy as a statewide park professional organization, and he is therefore deserving of the highest recognition from CSPRA;
Honorary California State Park Ranger .