CSPRA Honorary California State Park Ranger - 1988
Victoria "Viki" Araujo

The California State Park Rangers Association proudly awards Honorary Lifetime Membership to Victoria “Viki” Araujo for her long standing dedication to State Parks and distinguished service devoted to the objectives of our association.

Her involvement with conservation , historic preservation and social issues prompted Governor Jerry Brown to appoint her to the California State Park and Recreation Commission in 1976, where she served for 8years, through March 1984. She went out of her way to make CSPRA feel welcome and wanted at commission hearings. Her leadership and strong stance in support of park values prompted CSPRA to award her our Certificate of Appreciation during her first year on the commission.

Her fellow commissioners realized her talents and elected her chairperson in 1979. Her vitality, imagination and courage continued throughout her 8 ½ years as a commissioner. Viki’s efforts to strengthen state parks and assist CSPRA continued long after she left the commission. Whether it be advising CSPRA on statewide politics or defending Red Rock Canyon State Park from advocates who would expand OHV use through fragile canyons. Her tenacious devotion to park values and community service has been witnessed by many.

Mrs. Araujo has served as president of the Kern County Historical Society and has been active in numerous historical societies, museum, education, ethnic, labor, business and political organizations, as well as the State Park System’s Red Rock Canyon Advisory Committee.

At our annual conventions, Viki’s enthusiastic attendance, warm “hello’s” and engaging smiles are familiar CSPRA traditions.

We welcome our friend, Viki Araujo as CSPRAs Honorary Member for 1988 and thank her for her superior contributions to CSPRA and the State Park System.
Peggy Whitehead and Viki Araujo
attending Concord GEC, 1986
Viki Araujo receives a commenorative badge
from Mike Lynch, Tenaja Lodge GEC, 2007
Vicki and CSPRA VP Rick Parmer
dancing at Palmdale GEC, 1985