CSPRA Honorary California State Park Ranger - 1978
Helen "Harriet" Allen

Harriet Allen was one of the leaders in the successful campaign to acquire the Torrey Pines Extension Area. As President of the Desert Protective Council, and a member of the Anza-Borrego Committee of that organization, she has been actively engaged in the acquisition of lands in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park for more than 10 years. Harriet's love of the desert can be traced to her childhood, when her family took frequent camping trips to Coachella Valley and the southern Sonoran Desert.

In one instance Mr. and Mrs. Allen took options on certain lands in order to save land critical to the Big Horn Sheep in the State Park area. Mrs. Allen has been in the forefront of the fight to prevent the construction of Coyote Canyon Road through Anza-Borrego, also.

Mrs. Allen has also been active in the conservation efforts of such groups as the Sierra Club, the California Coastal Commission, League of Conservation Voters, and the Coastal Alliance to name a few.