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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Paul R Johnson. 1982

Paperback at Amazon


Photographic images & captions by Paul R. Johnson with words by Harry Daniel, Mark C. Jorgensen & Paul R. Johnson  Published by Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association



The Forgotten Artist, Indians of Anza-Borrego and Their Rock Art

by Manfred Knaak, 1986

paperback at Amazon


Manfred Knaak's "The Forgotten Artist" is a beautifully rendered book about pictographs in the Anza-Borrego Desert of southern California where such Indian rock can be found. He shows comparatively how such rock art depictions may stand for ritual magic, or fertility rites, and perhaps shamanistic dreams. This books is visually beautiful with photographs illustrating this ancient art form of the Americas, which is not too different from their counterparts worldwide.



Keepers of the Sandbox (A Becker Series Mystery)

by Gregory Picard and Wendy Gorham


The stark desert wilderness of the Mojave is home to incredible beauty and incredible evil. State Park Ranger Chris Becker and his young daughter Allie, find themselves alone in this harsh world. As they must suddenly learn to navigate the pitfalls of a single-parent life, without Allie’s mother, there is an even great danger lurking. Gunshots in the night and a missing person case force Chris onto a trail of deception and greed that will lead him into ever-increasing peril. $3.99 on Amazon Kindle, April 17, 2017.



Tales from the Parks: My Adventures as a Park Ranger

by Russell Cahill


If a bear lumbers into a hotel in the middle of the night, how do you get it to leave? Join former National Park Ranger Russell Cahill for this and other true life adventures. Join him as he lowers terrified climbers down the sheer cliffs at Yosemite, follow along as he traces the source of the "death lights" on the remote coast of Maui, and be with him as he creates chaos in the basement of the White House. From a childhood spent in the state parks of California to protecting the lands in the farthest reaches of the United States, the author will keep you guessing about what comes next. Readers will meet President Nixon, Charles and Ann Morrow Lindbergh, Governors Jerry Brown and Jay Hammond, and a host of characters who shaped the national and state parks during the past century. There are descriptions of building a cabin with hand tools in remote Alaska, volcanic eruptions and the biggest tsunami ever witnessed. Lace up your boots, and come along.

Published Jun 13, 2016, Paperback $15.95, $5.99 auto-delivered wirelessly, Amazon


Kolea, A Story of Hawai'i and Beyond

by Russell Cahill


To paradise they sailed — There once was a world where hula dancers were experts at spear fighting, where a blind warrior taught his students healing arts... where adventure ruled — well as savage fighting. And where young people could build and sail a canoe on voyages to unknown lands. where danger waited... That world was Hawai’i.

Published June 1, 2016, Kindle $4.99, Paperback $13.95, Amazon


The Extraordinary Life of Charles Pomeroy Stone: Soldier, Surveyor, Pasha, Engineer

Hardcover December 2015, By Blaine Lamb


In the winter of 1861, as the secession crisis came to a head, an obscure military engineer, Charles Pomeroy Stone, emerged as the rallying point for the defense of Washington, D.C. against rebel attack. He was protector of the newly elected president and right-hand man of the army’s commanding general, General Winfield Scott, under whom he had served with distinction during the Mexican–American War. Nevertheless, with in a year, this same hero sat in a military prison accused of incompetence and possible treason.


A Ranger’s Private Diary

by Greg Picard, published January 30, 2016, in association with Bittercreek Enterprises.


On Amazon, 213 pages. Kindle Edition auto-delivered wirelessly $2.99. Paperback $15.00.


A Ranger's Private Diary is a book about the work and home issues of a real life park ranger. It is politically incorrect, hilarious, scathing and scandalizing. It is designed to make you laugh as often as possible. Rated “R” for radical, so read at your own risk!



An Old Ranger's Memories: Building Montaña de Oro State Park

by Dick McKillop and Sherry McKillop


On Amazon, 94 pages. Kindle Edition auto-delivered wirelessly $3.99. Paperback $15.99.


After a long labor of love I am very pleased to announce the report that Dad wrote (which I significantly edited and added to, as co-writer) about building Montaña de Oro State Park has, finally been published. If anyone would like an autographed copy, both Dad’s (rubber stamp of his signature) and mine, email me directly. Otherwise, it is available on Amazon. I am extremely please to say that 100% of the profits for this book will be given to the Central Coast State Parks Association. Sherry McKillop McKillop’s Enterprises (707) 227-7070



Me and the Mother Tree

Petey Weaver’s 404 page biography of her career in Parks.


Petey is considered the first female park ranger in California State Parks. In Me and the Mother Tree, she recounts in vivid prose her 20 years working at what was the beginning of the California State Park System. She brings to life the early parks, some of the inimitable park visitors, and the rangers and other park personnel who operated, protected, served, and educated the public. During her park career, from 1929 to 1950, Petey served in four parks; Big Basin, Richardson Grove, Pfeiffer Big Sur, and Seacliff State Beach. “I love this book. Petey Weaver was an exceptional writer. For those who didn’t live through the Depression and World War II, when many females working in our country were undervalued, this book serves as a vital time machine.” Jennifer Reeves, filmmaker.


Order Form - $12.99 including shipping. Proceeds support CSPRA.



A Ranger Pure and Simple. The Evolution of Parks and Park Rangers in America.

by GrayBears member Thomas A. Smith, with James Brady (Foreword)

Amazon:, Paperback, $23.00 – April 21, 2015


Parks and park agencies face a huge challenge from a growing population and a society that is becoming out of touch with nature. Tom Smith is a former Chair of the Park Management Department at West Valley College in Saratoga, California, and a long time seasonal Yosemite and regional park ranger. In this book he explores the origin of parks in America, the problems parks and park agencies will face in the future, and how rangers are adapting to deal with this changing culture.



Tower Tales: Remembrances of a California Lifeguard

by GrayBears member Brian Hickey


On, $12.59, or $3.99 on Kindle

Retired State Park Lifeguard, Ranger and Superintendent Brian Hickey shares his memories of days lifeguarding on the ocean beaches of Southern California. The 1960's were a unique time for Americans and American culture. The movies, music, and media of the day were fueling the public's unprecedented desire to go to the beach and go surfing. Nowhere was this fascination more evident than at the focal point of this attention, the beaches of Southern California. Millions flocked to these beaches to be part of this cultural phenomenon. It fell to the ocean lifeguards of the day to stand watch over this massive wave of novice beachgoers. Tower Tales offers a rare first hand account of what it was like to be an ocean lifeguard during this era and what the lifeguard lifestyle was like in those early years.



Fire Trucks & Fire Fighting Apparatus Used at Hearst Castle State Historic Park

by GrayBears member James G. Davis, Retired, Chief Ranger,


Hearst Castle Booklet available FREE for download in MS Word or Adobe PDF . Photos, review and research on the fire fighting apparatus that protected Hearst Castle from 1948 to 2014.



From Little Acorns

(aka The Man Who Planted Trees)


The following tale was distributed to all park employees in booklet form as required reading by then District 6 Superintendent Jim Whitehead. I first read and enjoyed the story back in 1971 when I started as a State Park Ranger Trainee, and thought you might enjoy reading it today.


Download a FREE Adobe PDF version

Jeff Price, CSPRA Webmaster



Desert Bighorn Sheep: Wilderness Icon

by Mark C. Jorgensen, author, and Jeff Young, photographer


On September 30, 2014, Coffee Table book Desert Bighorn Sheep: Wilderness Icon is the most comprehensive photographic work on this elusive symbol of the deserts of the southwest United States and northern Mexico. Photographer Jeff Young worked for years to assemble tens of thousands of high quality photographs and assemble them into what is the finest collection of desert bighorn photos ever published. Author Mark Jorgensen brings his five decades of experience studying desert bighorn sheep and managing their habitat to provide the informative text of this book. The book’s six chapters include 200 high quality photographs featuring rare behavior, sheep in their rugged desert habitat, ewes nurturing newborn lambs, and massive rams in stunning ritualized combat for dominance. The text documents the struggle to provide habitat for the desert bighorn from Nuevo Leon west to Baja California, Mexico, and from Texas west to California.



Old Bones

by GrayBears member Gregory William Picard and Wendy Picard Gorham


278 pages, Paperback $14.25, Kindle $9.99 California State Park Ranger Chris Becker, and his daughter Alicia, have had their fair share of struggles since his wife left, but they have learned to depend on each other. As they both prepare for the changes that Alicia's first year of college will bring, their quiet life in the Cuyamaca Mountains is interrupted. A dead body; bitten, mangled and bloody, is discovered in the park. Chris and Alicia suddenly find themselves embroiled in a dangerous plot, and it will take all their ingenuity and teamwork to come out of it alive. Amazon Link; Paperback or Kindle version



Captain's Log - 'Uncensored'

by GrayBears member Gregory W. Picard


288 pages, Paperback $13.15, August 10, 2013 This book brings forth an illustrated, random collection of essays and thoughts born of many years while serving as a park ranger for the State of California. What follows is irreverent and iconoclastic, often scathingly humorous and sometimes deeply serious. There is no particular order, plan or even subject matter to it. This is a look at the inside life and times of one ranger while working for the government in the service of protecting our public recreation lands and the people who use them. It affords a unique and perspective for the insider or uninitiated outsider. The book makes no effort to have a proper format, a goal or point of view other than to entertain and perhaps occasionally inform. Amazon; Paperback



A Year in Bodie, A Park Ranger's Diary

by GrayBears members Carl and Margaret Chavez


On Amazon in Kindle format $3, hardcover $30 and paperback $20 A Year in Bodie follows the lives of Carl and Margaret Chavez from October 1966 to October 1967 in the harsh, isolated conditions of Bodie State Historic Park where Carl began his career as a park ranger for the California Department of Parks and Recreation. His wife Margaret, pregnant at the time, endured the challenging conditions and environment of Bodie, yet somehow managed to thrive and provide a loving home. Her account of those times from a woman’s perspective give us a glimpse of a time that is no longer with us.



Epoch, A Science Fiction Thriller

by CSPRA member Donald Murphy


EPOCH tells the story of Professor Alfred Watts Perry, the first African American to win a Nobel Prize in physics for his theory of emergence. Professor Perry wins a second Nobel for his work on broken symmetry and quantum gravity. But after a young child prodigy unwittingly solves some equations he has been working on for a decade, his colleagues are murdered and he barely escapes, with the help of the child prodigy, into inter-dimensional space; a region of space predicted by emergence theory.


A secret government project, EPOCH(Emergent Properties of Cosmic Holography), based on Professor Perry’s work has created technology to control spacetime and the leader of the project is intent upon tracking down Professor Perry and the child prodigy before they can expose EPOCH and the threat it holds for the destruction of the entire universe. Professor Perry faced with a gut wrenching and desperate choice must decide whether to sacrifice the needs of the few in order to save the many. In this case, the few are the six billion inhabitants of the earth. Soon on Amazon in Kindle format.



Have a Nice Day Job

by GrayBears member David Van Cleve


Publication Date: May 5, 2013 Kindle* Edition on Amazon, $5.00 Dave Van Cleve provides a humorous look back at his thirty-two year career with California State Parks. As a park ranger, park ecologist, and park superintendent, the author had several wonderful assignments throughout the State. In this book, the author relates a series of true stories about his experiences, which range from weird arrests (a rapist on a tramway car; making an enforcement contact at 11,000' in his boxer shorts; to putting a bad guy in jail for littering in a state park). Most of these stories are accompanied by mixed metaphors and malaprops, in a desperate attempt to make them appear funnier.



Beth (The Dawn)

by CSPRA member Donald Murphy


Publication Date: December 27, 2011 Beth Washington, a high school senior, fights the stress of being pressured by her father to be the first in their family to attend college by escaping to a dark place full of human parasites and personal demons. A platonic love enters her life and teaches her how to find her spiritual center. Upon surviving one tragedy after another she finally must choose between a life of lonely resentment and becoming a new woman through acceptance of real love.



Love Vignettes

by CSPRA member Donald Murphy


Publication Date: June 1, 1997 If you like poetry and sonnets in particular you will love this book. The sonnets are clear, and simple; yet they are full of depth and spiritual insights. Every human being wonders about the nature of love. From a teenager's first hormonal impulses to the loss of a loved one, we all try to understand the most powerful force in the universe. This collection of sonnets grapples with the nature of love. Within the "scanty plot of ground" known as the sonnet, love manifests itself as triumph, joy, sorrow, cynicism, a broken heart, loneliness, ecstasy and despair. But most of all, love is hopeful. Love Vignettes are one man's quest for love's ultimate prize: oneness with the universe.



Traveling the 38th Parallel, a Water Line around the World

by by GrayBears members Dave & Janet Carle


Now available from UC Press Between extremes of climate farther north and south, the 38th North parallel line marks a temperate, middle latitude where human societies have thrived since the beginning of civilization. It divides North and South Korea, passes through Athens and San Francisco, and bisects Mono Lake in the eastern Sierra Nevada, where authors David and Janet Carle make their home. Former park rangers, the authors set out on an around-the-world journey in search of water-related environmental and cultural intersections along the 38th parallel. This book is a chronicle of their adventures as they meet people confronting challenges in water supply, pollution, wetlands loss, and habitat protection. At the heart of the narrative are the riveting stories of the passionate individuals -scientists, educators, and local activists - who are struggling to preserve some of the world's most amazing, yet threatened, landscapes.



Twelve & Zen -- Where the 12 Steps Meet Zen Koans

by GrayBears member Ranger Bill Krumbein


Both paperback and Kindle Edition Now available from Amazon. There are already several excellent books available to you on these combined topics, so how is Twelve and Zen different from these? Twelve and Zen, to the best of my knowledge, is the first to bring koan practice into the picture as a very effective means of deepening your 12 Step practice. This is not a theory. I speak from my direct experiences -- from being in recovery for more than 25 years and koan practice for more than 15 years. It must me noted, this book is NOT a substitute for going to meetings, getting a sponsor, working the Steps and helping others. The book "Alcoholics Anonymous" has a chapter entitled "Into Action". This is a book about doing. No matter what kind of 12 Step program you are in, koan practice will enhance your practice.



Lake Natoma; A Ranger in Search of Walden Pond

by GrayBears member Dan Winkelman


It’s an autobiography of sorts that explores the relationship between my life as a ranger, the American River, and Lake Natoma.  My canoe explores the feeling of being on the lake and immersed in its natural and cultural history. Lake Natoma is a look at transcendentalism in the 21st century by revealing most all the literature that flows through the mind of a ranger while he takes you for a paddle in his canoe.  Enjoy the cultural and natural history of a lake that survived the gold rush and now struggles to fend off cityscape. Large coffee table book, 8 1/2 X 11, 80 pages. There are lots of color photographs and art work in the book. Published by Publishing Syndicate. Write direct to Dan Winkelman for an autographed copy. The book lists for $16.95 but if Rangers send him a check for $15 he will personally autograph and mail it to you.



BODIE'S BOSS LAWMAN, The Frontier Odyssey of Constable John F. Kirgan

by Bill Merrell and CSPRA Member David Carle


After serving with the 1st Illinois Regiment in the Mexican War, John Franklin Kirgan made his way westward, where his saga intersected with that of the new state of California's constitutional convention in 1850.  Years later, the Comstock excitement brought Kirgan to Carson City and a stint as a prison guard at the Nevada State Prison.  Finally, fate delivered him to Bodie in 1877, where he worked as constable, jailer, and deputy sheriff during the mining town's boom years.  Serving as the "boss lawman" of Bodie was the culmination of Kirgan's life--an odyssey that placed him in contact with the emerging history of the American West.  Merrell unearthed the story of a Western lawman who was responsible for law enforcement in a violent town far better known for its "Badmen of Bodie."  Carle finished the final chapters of the book and prepared it for publication after Merrell passed away with his text unfinished



Nature Noir: A Park Ranger's Patrol in the Sierra

by GrayBears member Jordan Fisher-Smith


This is a walk in the woods like Thoreau never imagined. I can't make up my mind whether Jordan Fisher Smith is John Muir at the crime scene or Elmore Leonard with a backpack. In any event, this astonishing book, with its brilliant interweaving of murder, irony and natural history, invents a new genre.



Baker's Corner: A Mystery in Codman Square

by by GrayBears member John R. Quirk


Amazon:, Paperback, $6.99 – April 24, 2015

A mysterious talisman originating in the slave and chocolate trade travels to Revolutionary War era Boston where it is passed through the centuries. It comes into the hands of boyhood friends Finn Leahy and Tony Sebastiene. Then it, and their friendship, is lost amidst social upheaval and tragedy afflicting the neighborhood. The talisman resurfaces in a present day Boston confronted with a terrorist threat that seems to implicate the Dorchester Haitian community and a dream research center. Finn and Tony, now sixty, join with Finn’s son to encounter uncertain threats and the enduring mystery of the talisman.


The story is set in the Codman Square (aka Baker’s Corner) area of Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood and is framed by the founding and success of James Baker’s nearby Neponset River chocolate mill and its closing in 1965. The characters travel varied paths. They arrive, like the reader, with their own perspectives and conclusions in the same enduring place...Baker’s Corner.



Seldom Was Heard an Encouraging Word

A BLM Law Enforcement History

by GrayBears member Dennis McLane


I have written and published a BLM Law Enforcement History Book. It may be of interest to Gray Bear members. I have attached a PDF FLYER I put together as a promotion for the book. Seldom Was Heard an Encouraging Word is available in soft cover at The retail price is $30.00. The book is 545 pages of text and appendices. A thorough index is included. Signed copies of the book are available directly from the author. If you would like a signed copy, send a check or money order for $35.00 ($30.00 plus $5.00 for handling and priority mail. Idaho residents must add $2.10 sales tax for a total of $37.10) made out to Dennis McLane and send to Dennis McLane, Draywood Publications, 3355 N. Five Mile Rd. #169, Boise, ID 83713-3925.




Images of America A Photo History Pictorial of the American River Canyon

by GrayBears members Rodi Lee and Mike Lynch


The American River Canyon below Auburn is seen as a natural and scenic area but still contains signs of an extensive historical past. The book contains over 200 historic photos. This includes historic bridges and bridge sites dating back to the 1850s. The 1849 Gold Rush brought 75 years of mining that ended after massive dredges worked the river for its gold in the 1910s. Unique to the canyon is the Mountain Quarries Railroad, which traveled its way across 17 trestles and an elegant, still-standing concrete bridge to reach the main line in Auburn. Published May 14, 2012

Amazon -





by GrayBears member David Carle


Another new book, this time a mystery novel, The Spotting Scope, just got posted at Book stores and other online vendors will have it. CSPRA and Graybear folks may enjoy the premise. The Spotting Scope is an apt title for a novel focusing with vivid clarity on sharply escalating tensions following a murder. Ex-park ranger David Carle draws on deep knowledge of the terrain and the people who live in it to create a plot where spiraling suspense feels as natural as the surrounding wilderness. I was taken by how clean and clear the writing was, easing from good-natured wit into the darkness of murder and anger unleashed as warring parties hunt a killer.  Published April 2012

Amazon -




by GrayBears member Daniel C. Friend


As terrifying as any suspense thriller, Drowning in the Dark is the true story of one man who awoke in a mental hospital to discover that his worst nightmare had become his waking reality and that he had lost his career, his family and his friends. Just when it seemed that his life couldn't possibly get any worse, it did, continuing its downward spiral and raising the odds against his survival. Clinging to his deep seated spiritual values, he never gave up hope, and ultimately survived a fourteen year battle with suicidal depression that had nearly caused him to take his own life. This book recounts the truly inspiring story of one man's survival against overwhelming odds and the triumph of the human spirit. Publication Date: February 9, 2012

Amazon -




by GrayBears member Daniel C. Friend


This is the true story of one California State Park Ranger's adventures in the Santa Cruz Mountains during the turbulent 1970s, when the area was haunted by notorious serial killers, motorcycle gangs and packs of wild dogs. Dangerous and exciting as the job of a Ranger was, the greatest challenge came not from the environment, or even from the people, but from the out-of-control Chief Ranger. This is a story that is part adventure, part drama, part tragedy and part soap opera. Most surprising of all, it is all true. Publication Date: December 21, 2011

Amazon -




by GrayBears member Daniel C. Friend


The Blood Quilt is the true account of a young man's adventure, which turns into an incredibly romantic and heartrending story of two lovers who are torn apart by their interfering families. Against all odds, they find each other after a span of 46 years. Defying all obstacles, including bitter family interference, they reunite in love one final time, proving that love is truly eternal. Publication Date: November 8, 2011

Amazon -




Early Days at Big Basin, Richardson Grove, Seacliff Beach & Big Sur

by Harriett "Petey" Weaver, CSPRA's Honorary Ranger 1971


FREE Download, made available January 2009 courtesy of Mike Lynch and CSPRA GrayBears, Published April 1991, by the 125th Ranger Anniversary Committee - now posted on Park Anniversary pages. Download and print a PDF copy of the Petey Weaver mini-publication on her Ranger career in state parks, which started in 1929.


Petey, the first uniformed woman in state parks, wrote this publication in early 1991 in honor of the 125th Ranger Anniversary. It was published by the 125th Ranger Anniversary Committee in April 1991.  Not the best quality, but very readable historic essay.




by GrayBears member Michael G. Lynch


On Sale: 02/23/2009 128 Pages, ISBN: 073-8-559938, Arcadia Publishing. $21.99 Description: The first park ranger in the world was appointed in California in 1866. Galen Clark was chosen as “Guardian of Yosemite,” at what was then Yosemite State Park, and the concept of rangers to protect and administer America’s great nature parks was born. The tradition continued in 1872 with the establishment of the first national park at Yellowstone. From the earliest days, park rangers have been romanticized; they are explorers, outdoorsmen, tree lovers, animal protectors, police officers, nature guides, and park administrators. The park ranger has become an American icon, whose revered image has maintained itself to this very day.




by GrayBears member David Carle and Don Banta


128 Pages, ISBN: 073-8-559091, Arcadia Publishing. $21.99 Authors Don Banta, a 75-year Lee Vining resident, and David Carle, a Mono Lake ranger for 19 years, present here a collection of vintage Mono Lake photography. Working with archival materials from local families and the Mono Lake Committee, Carle and Banta show the lake, its environs, and its history through stirring imagery, including the lengthy court battle over the lake and its tributary creeks. Dave Carle has published e ight other publications .



Norman Clyde: Legendary Mountaineer of California's Sierra Nevada

by CSPRA Member Robert C. Pavlik


The first complete biography of the notorious but beloved Sierra mountaineer. This riveting account of one of the most notable personalities of the mountain climbing world reconstructs the life of legendary mountaineer Norman Clyde (1885-1972). He made his mark on history with more than one hundred and thirty first ascents throughout western North America, and many believe he knew the High Sierra better than anyone else, including John Muir. On Amazon, and possibly available at Heydaybooks Publishing.



Rangers of California's State Parks

by CSPRA Member Michael G. Lynch


The grand daddy of park ranger books is still available. The definitive, original and only book on the history of California State Park Rangers may be ordered from the author $10 for softcover and $15 for hardcover.  Free media mail postage (slow) or $5 for priority mail. Mail check to: Mike Lynch P.O. Box 3212 Auburn, CA  95604


Webmaster note - this book was selling for $35 on Amazon!



Images of America: Cleveland National Forest

by James D. Newland, Supervising Historian, Southern Service Center


This brief “Centennial” history, with its evocative and interpretive photographs, will inspire appreciation for both the invaluable resource that the Cleveland National Forest lands represent, but also for the dedicated staff both past and present, who have stewarded this public reserve for all to enjoy. Jim has been professionally involved in cultural resources, land use planning, and historic preservation since 1991. He previously served as Historian for the USDA-Forest Service's Cleveland National Forest from 1993 to 1995. Read interview with the author. On sale used $13.59 at Amazon and new $19.99 at Arcadia Press.



Introduction to Fire in California

by CSPRA Member David Carle


What is fire? How are wildfires ignited? How do California's weather and topography influence fire? How did the California Indians use fire? In the spirit of his highly acclaimed Introduction to Air in California and Introduction to Water in California, David Carle now turns to another fundamental element of the natural world, giving a fascinating and concise view of this complex topic. His clearly written, dramatically illustrated book will help Californians, including the millions who live near naturally flammable wildlands, better understand their own place in the state's landscape. Carle covers the basics of fire ecology; looks at the effects of fire on wildlife, soil, water, and air; discusses fire fighting organizations and land management agencies; explains current policies, and explores many other topics. 91 color illustrations and 15 mapsOnline description, $12.89 at Amazon



Introduction to Air in California

by CSPRA Member David Carle


What is air? Why is the sky blue? Why do people react favorably to mountain or sea air? How does desert air differ from the air of California's Central Valley? How is air pollution affecting plants and animals? This book is a unique guide to the air we breathe in California. More than a natural history guide, it approaches this fascinating topic by recognizing the overwhelming role played by humans in the story of California's air. In a highly engaging style, David Carle explains daily weather patterns, seasonal climate, characteristic winds, and sky phenomena. He explores air as the gases in our atmosphere, but also considers the aspects of air that influence all of our senses--its taste, smell, feel, and look.




by CSPRA Member William J. Krumbein


Games, Puzzles, Poems and Fun for kids 4 to 8. Sold at many park Natural History Association book stores.



Fire Fighters in Fatigues

History of a World War II Army Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon

by CSPRA Member James G. Davis


Read Fire Fighters in Fatigues description and download order form Also check Jim's WW II websites:

Fire Fighters :

WWII Fire Trucks :



Insignia of the Resource Agency Fish & Game, Parks, Forestry

by CSPRA member Mike Lynch, Doug Messer and Steve Huntington


Download book description and order form . Privately published and available from the authors.



Missing in the Minarets: The Search for Walter A. Starr, Jr.

by Hon. William Alsup, Honorary CSPRA Member


Publication Date: February 2001. This riveting narrative details the mysterious disappearance of Peter Starr, a San Francisco attorney from a prominent family, who set off to climb alone in the rugged Minaret region of the Sierra Nevada in 1933. Rigorous and thorough searches by some of the best climbers in the history of the range failed to locate him, despite a number of promising clues. When all hope seemed gone and the last search party had left the Minarets, mountaineering legend Norman Clyde refused to give up. Climbing alone, he persevered in the face of failure, resolved that he would learn the fate of the lost man. Clyde's discovery and the events that followed make for compelling reading.



A Pathway Through Parks

by CSPRA Member Carl Chavez


Stories in the book follow my 33-year career with California State Parks. There are tales from my assignments in Bodie SHP, Pt. Mugu SP, Pismo SB, Morro Bay SP, Cuyamaca SP, Plumas-Eureka SP, Humboldt Redwoods SP as well as Region and Division Headquarters in Santa Rosa and Sacramento. Over 100 current and former DPR employees (including many of you) are mentioned in the book with feature stories about the likes of Tiny Philbrook, Carl Anderson, Jim Hart, Ken Leigh, Ted Reinhardt and my daughter Abigail Cushenberry.




Introduction to Water in California

by CSPRA Member Dave Carle


Water is the foundation upon which California's ecosystems and economic vitality rise. . . . This is a must read for anyone living in California, whether they are students, politicians, farmers, environmental activists, or corporate executives."--Arthur Guy Baggett, Jr., Chair, California State Water Resources Control Board "This is a comprehensive, readable natural history guide to an extremely complicated subject. It interweaves the historical, human, and technological factors with the ecological and environmental realities."--Pam Lloyd, former Chair of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, S.F. Bay Region

Rich Lawton, McArthur-Burney