California State Park Rangers Association

CSPRA Scholarship Application

CSPRA Member Professional Training & Scholarship Program

The California State Park Rangers Association places a strong emphasis on professional training and career development. CSPRA offers it's members financial assistance through scholarships under the direction of the CSPRA Education and Training Committee and the Whitehead Scholarship Fund. The Application process is described below.


We need you, the member, to take the next step in developing your skills and enhancing your perspective of the park profession.


CSPRA Scholarship Application Procedure


Send the items outlined below by e-mail or postal mail to:


Education and Training Committee Chairman Ben Fenkell


CSPRA Education and Training Committee

ATTN: Ben Fenkell, Chairman

PO Box 3212

Bowman CA 95604-3212


1. Ask for training support through normal Department channels. Training the Department does not support is where the CSPRA scholarship comes in. Copy your disapproved training request.


2. The next step is to write a brief letter with information about the training details, attach a copy of the disapproved training request from the Department, as described above. For more assistance, contact the ETMS Employee User Help Files or your ETMS Training Coordinator.


3. Fill out and submit the Scholarship Application.



Scholarship Application


You must have been a CSPRA member for 1 year, attach a letter of request, a copy of your fully or partially disapproved Departmental Training Request and a course announcement or description of the training.



Member Name:




City & Zip:




Work Phone:


Home Phone:


Describe the training you want to attend, the location and dates, and the provider:


How will it be of value to you professionally?


How will it be of value to you personally?


Estimated Training Costs: $


How much will the Department pay? $